Friday, February 27, 2009

Soaring Seagull takes a new twist

Coming to the fag end of my MBA, i realise i have spent 2 "quick" years in this city. I have always said there is something about this city that catches one's imagination. I will now attempt to represent all that Mumbai stands for - the history, the people, the emotions, the crowd, the culture, the "spirit", and much more through my next series of photos. 

I know i am briefly digressing from my focus on wildlife, but like all those millions who come to Mumbai, this city has gotten me hooked as well!


  1. I've been wanting to do a project on Bombay for a long time... a series of pictures taken over not more than a week.

    Maybe the next few days are a good time for us to do that :)

  2. @Mihir: Cant wait for yr people pictures to come in!!

  3. Loved this series Anoop!

  4. i just went through all that you have posted on the series...and i am asking for more...awesome, awesome stuff, gotta make a book of these...I swear you gotta!!!