Thursday, December 29, 2005

Character Assassination

Well this blog intends to do exactly what the name suggests...which is usually what happens when i go about describing people. So lets get this straight. The charachters in this blog bear no resemblance to any fictitious characters of the past /present. They are all living people with whom i interact on a day to day basis and any "accidental" character assassination is purely what i just said - accidental. I am a software developer and my team has a lot of colorful characters whom i shall try and describe here.

Coming from the top, there is King Arthur , the ruler of North West District. THE biggest, wittiest , smartest and shrewdest of 'em all, he is the kind of warrior whom any battle scarred soldier would like to have on his side. With the ability to convince, he takes negotiations to a new level. Arthur has a strong military background, having undergone rigorous training in multiple disciplines of martial art in his formative years. He has been awarded the golden arrow 7 times in a row for coming up with innovative war strategies and ideas which he can truly call his own. A true leader in his own right, King Arthur is now on his journey to conquer the world.

With King Arthur exploring beyond his territorial waters , the search for his successor was truly and madly on. There were a few close contenders. The Emperor even tried coaxing King Louis N VI of South District to take over the reigns of the well oiled machine that Arthur had left behind. But the responsibility ultimately fell on the young Earl of Mas County, Nirkhail Khan. Young, enthusiastic and a keen learner, Nirkhail is set to step into the huge shoes of the now legendary Arthur. Being an able manager of men , Nirkhail is fine tuning his skills and getting himself ready for the blood bath ahead. Whether he will be as successful as his predecessor, we need to wait and watch.

Another important member of the North West District Army is Commander-in-chief Alwyn Macao. Named after the mythological ship that conquered the pelagic depths of the ocean floor, Alwyn is a true leader of his troops. Being an expert in close combat and a keen strategist with an eye for the minutest of detail, he is one of the sharpest soldiers for his age. Never shy to dirty his hands with his comrades, Alwyn can sometimes be spotted having a ball with the rookie soldiers over campfire and music.

Moving over to the chiefs of the various disciplines of the war machine, we have Admiral Sheila Airon and General Aamir Jahan , Air Marshal Rodney Bailey and the now legendary strategist Polgar Sakhs. Admiral Sheila , the first lady to take over the reigns of the elite warships has learnt her ropes as well as any respectable Navy commander worth his stars. She brings a sense of calm to the war machine. Just being around her you realise that she is more than capable of single handedly steering her warships home amidst gale force winds.

General Aamir Jhan is one those few rare people you would meet once in a life time. Being one of the sharpest shooters in the army , he commands the respect of his army men by his sheer presence alone. Never one to give up in a discussion , he is normally the chosen ambassador in all territorial negotiations. His war strategies are the stuff legends are made of . With the ability to think faster than the speed of light, he normally leaves his opposition gasping for breath at the end of a duel.

We then have Air Marshal Rodney Bailey. A walking talking genius, gangster, prankster , you name it and he wouldve done it. A passout of the Birla school of War-Technique , he is someone who can fight a battle on the ground , air or water with unmatched skill.

And then there is Polgar Sakhs, the strategist. The legendary nature of her ideas would make Einstein look like a dimwit. With a sharp mind, she will always be seen making her escape from a fiery duel through sleight of mind alone. One of the fittest airmen around, her craving for sweet music is only overshadowed by her now infamous appetite. She is now a wingman of the Air Force and intends to do reconnaissance as long as there is a current in the air, music on the radio and food across the border.

Moving on to the rookies we having Arthur C II , one of the most multi-talented dimwits you can ever see. This guy can never do anything completely other than get beaten up by his comrades. When it comes to war , it's a totally different ball game....Then there is Wineat Gomes the most gullible but shrewd warrior in the ranks. How he gets this lethal combination, only the heavens know. Last but not the least we have the infamous Chotta Sarkar . A keen mind with a even keener appetite. He is the life of the army. Never a dull moment with him and Wineat on board. But talk of battle and Chotta will go into a huddle trying to scheme up clever strategies to evade the ominous enemy. Movement is his biggest foe.

I have intentionally left out a couple of top secret members. They are the workhorses of the North West district and our secret weapons as well. Will this multi talented war machine continue to fire its big guns when the sun goes down? Will the young turks come to the party when the chips are down? Only time will tell......