Friday, August 29, 2008

The King...well almost

Phew! If only looks could kill, i wouldve been a goner long back.

This guy caught me taking photos of his better half and you can just see the aggression in his looks. His ears were up, his eyes staring into me, an open threat, he was almost disgusted with my presence in his backyard. His cold stare, not blinking , not taking me off his sights for even a micro- second ; the message was clear - I was being asked to get out ASAP!

It was simply amazing to shoot tigers at such close range. It is not the first time i am doing this but shooting tigers always gives you a thrill, they set your pulse racing. These are such majestic creatures. They are so beautiful yet dangerous. It is like playing with a knife edge.

They are so huge, you wonder how fast they grew! This guy is all of 24 months old. Its a pity that tigers are being poached for their skin and teeth and what not. How on earth people can kill these lovely animals i dont know.

I wish i could do something to stop it.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tete-a-Tete with a viper

This guy had wandered into somebody's living room a couple of days back. A panic call to the forest department ensured he was caught and taken into custody right away. Here i was in the National Park with this forest official who promised to show me his esteemed guests. He was venomous, potent and mean.

I have never touched a snake before. I used to be repelled by all reptiles. Photography has taught me to appreciate these beautiful creatures. The snake's scales are so smooth, you have to touch them to believe it. These scales enable them to slide through the roughest of terrain easily.

It took all of 2 min for me to get comfortable with the snake's presence. I dont know how i did it, but i somehow lost my fear. I was infact staring him eye to eye, 4 inches from my face. I managed to get some nice front on shots. All the while he was trying to smell the air around with his olfactory sensors in the front of his face and through his tongue. He kept flipping his tongue at me , trying to size me up.

Snakes are beautiful creatures. Very potent if you dont know how to handle them. They are as scared of us as we are of them. They are shy creatures who would not approach you unless you encroached upon them.

The world is so beautiful!