Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A tribute..

A tribute to all those people who died in the recent terror attacks in Mumbai 
May your souls rest in peace

[I shot this picture a little over a month ago. It shows the beauty of this iconic building which, along with the Gateway of India, symbiolizes Mumbai to a large extent.  The Taj now stands in ruins after the deadly terror attack that snuffed away all those lives in a blink of an eye, on that fateful night of November the 28th, 2008]


  1. This is beautiful.
    Bless those whose souls are lost somewhere in this dome. Hope they find rest soon.

  2. Lovely Pic ! Good to see a pic of the Taj in all it's glory.. the only ones you get to see these days is the one in ruins :(

  3. Its a pity, more and more such sad incidents are occurring in the world today. I pray God to make people more mature and make world a beautiful place to live in.

  4. Powerful photography, its amazing what one might just discover while browsing through random blogs :)