Saturday, December 27, 2008

There is beauty in everything around us...

Don't you agree?


  1. A fine picture with accurate focus. A good portraiture I would say. The placing and framing of the subject is good. But what is it saying? True, it is beautiful. But shall a photographer stick to it? Or shall he add something to the frame? May be there was no chance to add something. Maybe the crow was lonely. You have good hand at framing. Venture out and try to capture a school of crows with an interesting perspective. I can't wait to see that picture.

  2. @ subhanjan : Good point. I completely agree that a photgrapher's main focus should be on getting his pictures to narrate a story. This particular picture however didnt allow me to do that as it happened in a split second...I just happened to see this guy sitting on the wall with the blue ocean in the black drop .. He seemed to have a white grain in his mouth and it somehow appeared like a symbol of peace. This was just opposite the Trident hotel where so many died that fateful day in Mumbai

  3. the guy is beautiful....and the tinge of midnight blue on his raven feathers....., the alert eye and the grains nail it for me..not to mention the ocean blue background......and the lighting is right too....a little less of that light and it would have looked like a silhouette.....but no, it's just right.....