Sunday, May 04, 2008

Travelogue: A walk through the Great Himalyan National Park (GHNP)

Breath taking view as we walked inside the GHNP. Apple orchards and terrace gardens on both sides

Melting Ice . Beauty Personified .

The effect of the Himalayan glaciers from the Ice age


  1. gorgeous..... where is this located?

  2. this is himachal pradesh in india. The home to the great himalayas :)

  3. so beautiful!i've never been to himachal pradesh.thanks for posting these snaps.awaiting more...
    btw ,i took the cheetah snap(in my blog) at kansas city zoo.

  4. lovely!!!! i think Himalayas are the most gorgeous mountians anywhere!!! :)I am making my way to Rockies at the end of this month ..the closest I can get to Himalayas in these parts......:)

    Bluemountainmama, a dear friend of mine, is fascinated by India and she loves her can probably send her a link or two for the National Park. she sure will love you for that :)