Thursday, May 08, 2008

Travelogue : GHNP ...One last time

Airship ready to take off (Orange Billed Magpies)


  1. that's amazing. they look like dancing. great capture

  2. beautiful pics of birds........good to be back here.....will go through prev posts too.........

  3. love those tailfeathers.... we don't see magpies where i live. they are lovely birds....

  4. what a pair!!!! :) you caught them while they are sulking ;DDDD

    beautiful shot, as always :)
    as an aisde, they call me a magpie at home 'coz i have this urge to hoard these tiny things all over :)

  5. This is another fantastic moment.

    You are really a skilled one.
    Thanks for the tip about my photo. As an amateur (starting not long ago) I am pleased to have visits of very talented and friendly photographers and always willing to learn some more. So, thank you indeed.

  6. wow!beautiful!would like to know more abt the place where these snaps were taken.could u add some notes,if it's not too difficult?

  7. @monsoon- dream : Surely will add some travel notes...gimme a few days time.

    @quintarantion: Am as much an amateur as u r. Glad to be of some help. :)

    @moi: magpies are extremely finicky birds :P
    and yeah blue mountain mama is in the loop ;)

  8. Your work is stunning. How do you get so close to the birds? I still haven't figured that out. Its nice to see a fellow photographer/wildlife conservationist. I love your blog. You should join the Nature Blog Network, people from around the world would love to have access to it from there.

  9. guest-from-pl6:09 AM GMT+5:30

    All those photos are shoot from lumix fz50 ? Im curious because i want to buy such one, and i still hesitate fz 50 or fz18

    Sorry for my english, i just have started learning :)

  10. hi anoop....
    r u still using ur fz50....if so how is it going after almost 2 yrs of usage.....well for me i'm presently using sony cybershot dsc h-5....just had a thought of upgrading.....and after extensive study...i felt fz-50 still rules the superzoom sector....what do u say???

    can u help me making up my mind n where can i buy from in b'lore....can u mail me at

  11. @ t.r : Thanks for the nice words. I will join the nature blog community. Its always tough to get close to the some places the birds are accustomed to humans n they dont care if u get too other places, my 12x zoom lens is quite handy :)

    @guest: all these photos are from the fz50. i dont know how good or bad the fz18 is but i can vouch for the fz50. its a masterpiece and the Leica lens is truly amazing...its probably the best non slr i have used.

    @arindam : Yes its been more than 2 yrs since i bought the cam...absolutely no problems...the camera has gone into the snow, drenched in rain, had a few bumpy rides in the wilderness, and its been coping mighty well...
    If you are upgrading, why dont you look at the 15x zoom cameras...the fz50 is a great camera, but its 2 yrs old now...there is better image stabilization available in the market now...maybe you could have a look...or y dont u upgrade to an slr itself...the rebelxt comes dirt cheap nowadays...i think that wud be the best...use yr h5 for normal shooting and use a slr for serious shooting :)

  12. That's a fantastic shot. Just beautiful!

  13. what loop am i in? the moi and anoop loop? :)