Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tiger Tiger burning bright...

Powerful yet beautiful

After 2 days of searching every nook and corner of the forest, after tracking 4 tiger pug marks through several hundred metres, after hearing numerous sambar deer alarm calls, we spotted the tiger. A tiger in the wild face to face... I cannot explain the excitement i felt. The most beautiful and powerful animal i have ever seen, standing majestically 10ft away, within striking distance. We saw her for a good 3 min before she gracefully disappeared into the wilderness.

Jim Corbet National Park officially claims to have 164 tigers.  My own experience in tracking the tiger along with some quick enquiries amongst the local guides told me that the actual figure is close to 50! 
Shocking but true!


  1. Just look at her eyes.. man isn't she the most majestic creature you've ever seen? Great capture.

  2. Awesome picture, one must have GUTS to go so close in the wild, Great take anyway!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Anoop,

    You lucky chap.

    In February, 2010 I was in Ranthambore but the lord of the jungle did not grace to give me darshan.

    For some spotting the Tiger in the wild is life fulfilled.

    There may not be any around in the wild in a generation or two, the numbers are fast dwindling.

    Count yourself among the truly blessed.