Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lead Kindly Light

Sandra's creation


  1. Hi Anoop,

    This one is a gem! How did you do that? I mean - when I want to click a light source using my S3-IS, I have to close the shutter fully and use a very high speed shutter - else the light source is too bright.

    But, when I do this, only the light source comes out well - everything surrounding it (the lampshade in your case) comes out very dark!!

  2. creative and a neat shot!

  3. brilliant! i love the way you've composed the image... and the exposure is perfect :)

  4. Nice table top. Very good plasticity and good use of available light. It was not necessary to leave that much space on the right. Anyway, it does not matter that much. Very good effort buddy. Do keep them coming. May you excel in your forte.

  5. Very creative shot. I love the colors and the perspective.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment. Come back anytime.

  6. hi anoop! thnks for dropping in and the comment bro!
    ur clicks are greatt!
    this one super! has come out real good..!

  7. love that hue of green and the composition, anoop! what did you mean by "Sandra's creation"? is the lamp hand-made by Sandra?

    and now to answer your question :D
    when you asked me the question, i was using a Nikon D40 with the regular lens that came with the kit (18-55mm) and 55-200mm lens.....

    but currently am using a Canon Rebel XTi......with the lens that came with the kit (18-55m).

    still haven't tried manual mode on any of my SLRs(I know, shame on moi!) but hope to some day learn photography, the photographer's way :)

  8. This like it, the green, yellow and black compozition.
    With respect Viktor Nagy, Hungary, Baranya county.