Thursday, October 23, 2008

What did this one pop out of?

A cross between an owl, a cat and a night heron?


  1. Just in case you still don't know, this is the Stone Plover, also known as the Great Thick knee. Very cute bird, seen it at Ranganthittu on a couple of occasions.

  2. :) it's kinda cute ......

    and thanks to nj for the tidbit.

  3. @nj: Thanks for that piece of info .. It is one of the strangest looking birds i have ever seen :)

  4. Hi Anoop,

    Kiran here. I have been following your blog for quite some time now (right since the time you were using a Canon Powershot S2IS). I had gotten here through a link on Suhas Kashyap's blog.

    The photos you clicked sing the S2 inspired me to purchase the S3 .. (that was 2 years back). However, I quickly realised that the person behind the lens is far more important than the lens itself :-). The quality of my photos is yet to approach anywhere near that of yours.

    In a desperate attempt to improve my photography skills, I have started a self-critic blog where I post photos which I have clicked and ruminate on whats wrong with that snap - how it could be improved.

    Currently there are only 2 posts but I will keep updating monthly. I would be thankful to you if you could take out the time to comment (criticize ;) the photos.


  5. Where did you find this thing?? Don't tell me National Park!!

  6. @mihir : Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Mysore

  7. As if would face me here.