Monday, December 18, 2006

My baby comes home..finally

(Female Parakeet guarding her nest - Panasonic DMC - FZ50)

(Lotuses standing tall and proud - Panasonic DMC - FZ50)

(Two male parakeets fighting over a female - Panasonic DMC - FZ50)

(Pond Heron fishing for food - Panasonic DMC - FZ50)

(Hostile male parakeet - Panasonic DMC - FZ50)

(Tete-a-tete with a Pond Heron - Panasonic DMC - FZ50)

(Male parakeet guarding the female and her eggs - Panasonic DMC - FZ50)

(Autumn flowers - Bougonvilla - Panasonic DMC - FZ50)

(Parakeets in love..all's well, that end well :) - Panasonic DMC - FZ50)

This was a special week for me. After months of waiting , my baby finally crossed the Atlantic and came home. I now own my very own camera..finally! A brand new panasonic lumix DMC FZ50. As my friend handed him over reluctantly ,my first impression was ..WOW! This camera sure looked solid. Although i was worried about the noise issue that is painted over the internet, i knew that if handled well, this camera could produce stunning shots. I was not wrong.

These are my very first shots with the fz50... I quickly realised that this camera would need some getting used to. The vast array of settings need to be mastered to get the best results...and it will take some time. This is not a point and shoot camera that you can carry around in yr shirt pocket. However, my preliminary trials produced excellent results...three cheers to Pana and the amazing Leica lens!

I christened him FIGO


  1. hey goop. nice pics man. sooper parakeets and great color. so howz the new cam? noise and other stuff?

  2. Hey photos are very nice.. Wonderufl clarity. They look very neat.

    Congrats on your new camera..!!

    So I could say great camera in a great photographer's hand.

    All the best buddy!! Hope to see some brilliant snaps.


  3. Nice and good!:)

  4. Awesome kid! Btw what does FIGO mean?

  5. @kuku ...the cam rocks man! the lens is just outta this world. i can only imagine how good yr lens is...the noise is not too bad actually...quite a few settings to play around it will take some time for me to figure out the optimal one.. overall one of the best non SLRs i have used... some of the shots cud even rival a D70...but u need to get the settings many ways this is a pure photographer's cam...

    i will use it some more n then post a detailed review.

  6. Hey Congrats for your "FIGO":-)!
    Awesome snaps! Lets see some from the butterfly park next ;-)!

  7. @vp :
    FIGO does not mean anything...just named him after Luis Figo! :)

  8. Hey,
    Lovely shots! and finally you have your own camera!! Is it a digi or a dslr? the clarity is really good! keep clicking i say! :)

    - meghana.

  9. Great photos! Congrats on your new baby!

    We do not get to enjoy parakeets like this in the wild. We only get to see them in the petstores.

  10. Anoop,
    Congratss on the new arrival ;)..keep your super pics coming!

  11. The Bougonvilla is striking..Ofcourse I love the parrots and the way the contrast, even if minor is captured...:) Great tosee ya back..I am slow on bloghopping..On a holiday!!

  12. Hip hip hooray for the new fz50...
    I missed the birds :) Such a lovely story board with a happy ending..thanks to you and Figo!

  13. hi anup, it's sadiq hr.we hd meet in banglore(bajaj complex). firstupon i wnt 2 say "congrats" for ur new baby.
    i realy got plesered to see after ur photography. ..Grrrrrrrr8 man. awesome photos.
    its really natural.

    i m also planning 2 won panasonic but fz30.elder sister of ur baby..hahahaha

    one thing i wnt 2 say hr's tht ur those photos which u took with canon s2is, it seems perfect. i don't no why. im not mature in photography like u really but i feel tht after hd a look on ur all photos.

    might be i m wrong....pls don,t take it hardly.

    but end of the day ur photos r suuuuuperb.
    2morow onword i m keeping ur blog in my fevorite folder..see u around again.

    i m waiting 4 ur next post.
    hv a nice crismas...khuda hafiz

  14. my fave shot is the bougonvilla..the depth and colors-Perfect!

  15. hi,
    Landed in ya blog following one link after another....If ys don't mind, would you let me knw where these pics were taken?

    nice pics....