Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Motion blur

(Canon S2IS f/8.0 at 1/20 s ,focal length 42mm)

(Canon S2IS f/7.0 at 1/20 s, focal length 57mm)

(Canon S2IS f/8.0 at 1/15 s, focal length 112mm)

These are pics from the roads of Bangalore (actually just one road). The aim was to focus on motion with a complete blurring of the background. So there i lay on the footpath waiting for my vehicles to pass, so i could capture them. As luck would have it, this was the day after Dr.Rajkumar's death (for the uninitiated , he is or rather was the Tom Cruise of Kannada cinema) and 102% of Bangalore decided to stay indoors to mourn his death. After 10 minutes of swatting flies, along came a brave auto driver. By the time i adjusted aperture, focus and zoom , he had zoomed into the distance leaving only a dust cloud on my LCD! For the next twenty minutes i counted 5 dogs, 2 cows, 1 buffalo a million crows and 0 vehicles. Looked like i was on a safari!

This surely was not my day.There i was lying down on the road at sunrise peering through the view finder hoping to catch a few pics of zooming vehicles. The few morning walkers who ventured out gave me the weirdest of looks. They might have thought that i was a terrorist waiting to use WMD on their locality. Or maybe they thought i was from Tehelka doing an undercover job to raise TRP ratings on TV. Anyways, after a looong wait along came a few vehicles and these are the pictures i managed to capture.

The first pic shows an autorickshaw...I like this one because the focus is pretty sharp. One can even read the number plate on the auto. The second one shows a guy driving one-handed and talking on the mobile phone. Pity i didnt get his number plate :)...i should tie-up with the Bangalore police for undercover operations like this. I will be a millionaire in 10 days.

I also like the third one , which is a closeup of this guy riding a vintage bicycle. I find the intense concentration on his face a little funny. You would think he is driving a Ferrari :)

Two hours and ten snaps later, i returned home satisfied.....a little.


  1. the photos are so good!! i like them. good idea. and it has come out well. hey maybe you could have taken the dogs n buffalos with a blurred background :D of course they have to run after you it seems ;)

  2. clever shots and funny description of the waiting and swatting flies.I can picture you doing that comically hee hee
    But nice shot esp the rickwala
    and like rocksea said,it would be funny to catch a shot but you would want the buffalo probably moving to get a motion shot and the only way to get that is to make it chase you.;P

  3. way to go!

    that was probably the only day when traffic was at it's low. coz the ppl were on a high ...


  4. great capture...i like the last shot:-) the compostion and scale alsmost perfect:-) excellent work

  5. @rocksea & maya :
    thanks for yr comments...i think dogs and buffalos can wait for now... :)

    dont we all wish that Blore roads were always so empty! It surely was some sight !!

    @outdoorexposure :
    Thanks..my pics are no way comparable to yrs!!

  6. Great stuff....have you blogrolled :)
    Keep 'em coming

  7. I love the shots, never learned how to take those blurry kinds though :( I am not really into experimenting with the camera a lot. I have to praise the blog, it's very interesting. Thank you for visiting my blog... Looking forward to more posts.

  8. Nice panning photos! Well done!

  9. wonderful snaps!!
    I like the auto pic and the cycle one very much..
    I can imagine how you wud have taken those snaps and also the expressions of the people moving around ...

  10. nice panning.........i like the scooty one and auto one most......focus is goood toooooo
    gud work, ur patience paid off :)

  11. Excellent motion shots, my fave is the activa !

  12. nice shots, i must say they have come real well....

    me too will try it sometime and hopefully post them if the SD peak point traffice does not troad over me !!!

    u have a good hand at futogaphy ???

    post some tips for us too,,,

  13. super duper boss!!! my fav is the ferrari guy... :D

  14. real classy man!
    rheal nice pics..

  15. hey..thanks for your comments.. these are fantastic shots

  16. excellent shots! .. love the story too

  17. Awesome shots! The explanation was as good..!

  18. FANTASTIC captures... give me details buddy... aperture, zoom, shutter speed... I haven't been able to capture the background blurred... with slow shutter speed you usually get the object that's moving to blur and the background remains in focus... this is reverse of that .. very interesting thats why I am curious about camera settings you used for this shot..

  19. @palak
    i will post the exif soon...but out of the top of my mind i think shutter speed was around 1/20 - 1/40.. The idea is to lock focus on the object and pan with it..try it a few times n u will get it easily.

  20. hey dude,,,
    awesome pics......each of the pics is better than the other...first i thought, the auto was goin too fast,,,then when i saw the ferrari guy, i came to know that, it was ur tricks......and the expln u ve given is good.......

    and dude,,,u ve to help me... i am plannin to buy a digicam,,,urs looks good...can u give me the details....u can post it here itself or mail them to srivatsakr@gmail.com

  21. @srivatsa
    Thanks buddy. well if u wanna buy a cam , first decide if u want a professional / semi-professional or a simple point n shoot.

    Point n shoot- Any one of the Nikon coolpix, Sony cybershot series should suffice

    Semi - professional -> Canon S2IS, Panasonic Fz20 / Fz30, Sony DSC H1

    SLR - Nikon D70/D70s/Canon EOS 350D,30D,etc,etc

  22. @anoop,,,
    thanx dude....actually our budget was around 20k.....urs (S2IS) is around 32k....so, thought of goin for canon A700.....any idea abt this one...
    or for that matter, any other camera, for this price range---20k-25k

  23. @srivatsa:
    you can buy the panasonic FZ20 / 30.
    Its an excellent camera priced around 25k

    Or another option would be Sony DSC H1..priced at Rs.24,990

  24. and these r d fruits of an untamed passion
    am i in love wid ur photography or wat ?